Bharda New High School & Junior College

 A Parsi Unaided Co-Ed S.S.C. School with Minority Status


Bharda New High School & Junior College

Private Parsi Unaided School With Minority Status

The child has one intuitive aim: self development

Scout Camp 2019-20

The 15 East Mumbai Marzban scout group of Bharda New High School and Junior College 2019 has strength of 37 students.

The annual scout camp was conducted is Sereniity Resort in Lonavala on 18th, 19th and 20th of August 2019.

Day 1 (18th August 2019)

Students were engaged in learning the basic knots, lashings and hitch knots. (Reef knot, figure of 8, thumb knot, Clove hitch).

Students made working models (a boat) as group project. Each group was known as a patrol with a patrol of leader.

The next session for estimation and measurements. Students were taught how to calculate the width and height of distant objects.

Base games provided them with physical exercise, confidence and co-ordination amory each patrol.

Inspections of rooms help the scouts to maintain cleanliness and discipline in their own rooms. They enjoyed delicious breakfast, lunch, tea break and dinner.

Day 2 (19th August 2019)

The day started with a morning trek up. After the flag break, they had B.P. 6 exercise to warm up there body and mind.

Seniors practiced and revised lashings knots and made few tends (tent pitching).

They enjoyed swimming. Individual project (cataputt making) was given. Students made working model which they have tested for strength and durability. After flag down ceremony, they had dinner followed by campfire.

Affan Ansari and group were appreciated for their best dance performance.

They enjoyed there breakfast, lunch, tea break and dinner, took initiative in serving the food even to visitors.

Day 3 (20th August 2019)

The day started with B.P. 6 exercise flag break ceremony, breakfast and inspection.

Examination (pravesh) was conducted. All were successful in there exams. Prize winners were announced.

Md. Ismile Kadri of Std X A was selected as the best scouter. Abdul Kadir Bakali was the best upcoming scout. The best patrol leader was Md Fayyaz Khan of Std IX A.

After the flag down ceremony the camp scout left for school and arrived at 4:30 p.m. The chief scout master was Mr. Rayoman Mistry supported by Miss. Ankia and In-charge Mr. Jacob Thomas.

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