Bharda New High School & Junior College

 A Parsi Unaided Co-Ed S.S.C. School with Minority Status


Bharda New High School & Junior College

Private Parsi Unaided School With Minority Status

The child has one intuitive aim: self development


Thomas Aquinas defined a “human” as, “a being with brains and hands.”

However a recent study has revealed that at least, 1 in 7 children are ‘differently wired’. That their perspective of the  world, ‘as they literally see it’, is rather jumbled and some aspects of the ‘written letter’ appear  missing, so they try to wade their way through academic years with trial and many errors.

These children who are very creative, intelligent, open to so many sensory experiences like any other child are also very vulnerable. It takes a sensitized teacher to mend their world and ameliorate reading deficits through identification diagnosis and assistance through standardized tests, continuous support.

Having understood the child’s special needs & that the consequences of reading failure could be legion. Our Principal Mrs. Vinita Lewis took the initiative to organize a workshop on “Understanding Dyslexia and specific learning Disabilities and how to screen the students at risk”.

The workshop was conducted on 8th December 2018 by Ms. Diya Basu and Ms. Kaschit Mishra. Both Ms. Diya Basu and Ms. Kaschit Mishra Senior Psychologist at Maharashtra Dyslexia Association.

They introduced us to a number of ‘Learning Disabilities’, the challenges of being differently abled.  The children’s psychological, emotional barriers and how they needed a very secure, cushioned psychological environment to keep pace with the other children’s.

The session was well placed. The instructors conserved the material clearly giving us lovely examples of their first-hand experiences. The work of specially abled children’s was displayed various parameters were given to the teachers that would mitigate there children’s fears such that they could take active participation in class. The instruction also facilitated interactions among participants and patiently responded to all queries.

Overall it was a very good session, the teachers fell that they had a different level of readiness to tackle the causes, prevention and treatment related to developmental disabilities.

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