Bharda New High School & Junior College

 A Parsi Unaided Co-Ed S.S.C. School with Minority Status


Bharda New High School & Junior College

Private Parsi Unaided School With Minority Status

Our History

The origins of this venerable school can be traced back to 1890, when two young university graduates, Jalbhai Bharda & Kaikobad Marzban, began pondering upon the educational trends of the time. Mr. Bharda, who came from a respectable family in Daman, had studied in the Elphinstone College of Bombay, and topped the BA exam in 1886. Mr. Marzban, born in a reputed family of Urdu and Persian scholars, had graduated from the Bombay University in 1890.

Jalbhai Bharda

Kaikobad Marzban

On January 3rd 1891, the erudite discussions of Mr. Bharda & Mr. Marzban culminated in foundation of ‘The New High School’, which would cater to the educational needs of knowledge-seeking students from all strata of the society. Within a few months of opening the school, the student-base expanded to 900. This number unobtrusively kept on increasing, until it reached the pinnacle of 2600 students in 1928.

In 1921, Mr. Bharda departed from this planet. As a tribute to him, Mr. Kaikobad Marzban decided to rename the school to ‘The Bharda New High School’, perpetuating Mr. Bharda’s association with the school he founded, and worked with for 30 years.

Post Mr. Bharda’s demise, Mr. Kaikobad Marzban kept working with the school he cofounded, till he passed away in 1933, which saw his sons, Beharam & Rustam, taking the responsibility of running the school as joint-principals.

Beharam Marzban

Prior to becoming the joint-principal of the school, Mr. Beharam Marzban, the elder son of Mr. Kaikobad Marzban, had been working with the school since 1921, as a teacher. He took keen interest in scouting, boxing, physical drills, cricket, drama & gymnastics. He worked with the school till 1980, when he breathed his last.

Rustam Marzban

Mr. Rustam Marzban, who had an artistic temperament, promoted school debates, dramatics and elocution. Having inherited his father’s cherished legacy of Shakespearian Declamatory Competition, he wholeheartedly guided and trained the students on the same. He passed away in 1995.

Mr. Adi Mulla, the grandson of Mr. Kaikobad Marzban, had joined the school as an assistant principal in 1948. He became the joint-principal in 1958, and subsequently, the principal. During his tenure, the school earned the distinction of becoming the first school in Bombay to have RSP, recognized by the traffic department. The unit was empowered to stop traffic and report offending vehicles for suitable actions.

Adi Mulla


In year 1954, ‘The Bharda New High School’, which was a proprietary concern till then, was converted into a trust school to be managed by Bharda Marzban Educational Trust.

Banoo cama

After Adi Mulla, Mr. Banoo Cama became the president of Bharda Marzban Educational Trust. Not only did she teach Music, but she also conducted vocational guidance sessions. Her guidance to the institute fortified the school immensely.

School building

In December 1966, the school bought the building, where it had been functioning from since inception, fulfilling one of the cherished dreams of founders.


The year 1975 heralded a change in the pattern of education in the state, introducing a 10+2+3 pattern. ‘Bharda High school and Junior College’ was one of the few schools in Mumbai to be recognized as a junior college for Science and Commerce streams. To cater to high standards of science education, biology and chemistry labs commissioned at the school and junior college level. This also was a historic moment in the history of the school, as the school welcomed girls to the institution, which was till then a boys-only school.

Pooja Kumar

Mrs. Pooja Kumar was at the helm of operations during 1993-2003.

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